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Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

A tendon is connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone and can withstand high levels of force if in the right direction. The areas that can cause an issue are where the tendon attaches at either end(muscle and bone), or where the tendon rubs over a prominence.


If the force of the tendon is to great, to repetitive or prolonged the tendon(tendonitis) or the tendon sheath(tenosynovitis) can become inflamed and problematic.

Tendon injuries can be prolonged for years and cause a lot of dysfunction depending on the initial cause of the injury, maintaining factors, management of injury and treatment. It is preferred that management and treatment be implemented as soon as possible to heal as quickly as possible and more importantly to heal correctly to decrease the chance of a recurrence.

The common tendonsĀ  we treat at the clinics are:

  • rotator cuff(including supraspinatus)
  • biceps/pectoral
  • achilles
  • tennis elbow(lateral epicondylitis)
  • hamstring
  • gluteal
  • patellar

Other less common tendons affected involve the wrist & hand, hip flexors and golfers elbow.


In the treatment room your osteopath will:

  • take a thorough case history to determine the cause of the problem and any maintaining factors
  • an orthopedic assessment to direct the treatment appropriately
  • treatment which can include(massage, stretching, dry needling, myofacial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization)
  • In most cases prescribe exercises and general advice(for example stretching and ice therapy)
  • provide a treatment plan to get you up and going as soon as possible

If you have any further questions about tendonitis or anything else please contact the clinic and talk to one of our practitioners, or if you wish to make an appointment you can do that on our bookings page.


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